Future First Kenya is the fastest growing nonprofit championing alumni engagement in Kenyan Schools and learning Institutions. We are on a mission to unleash the potential of Alumni as a resource for Students, Schools, and Societies to thrive.


Alumni are a huge talent pool whose guidance can be beneficial to students and fellow Alumni. Experiences shared by Alumni and students and connection to their alma mater make them easily relatable to guide, inspire and support each. Alumni can also inject much needed social, financial and governance capital to schools.

Alumni are a huge untapped resource that can be mobilized for

Education Performance

Young people having access to relatable role models are extremely valuable and can influence performance. 89 % of students in our pilot Alumni program indicated that Alumni sessions motivated them to work harder.

School to work Transition

Alumni can support current students with the school to work transition. Good career guidance motivates and prepares students for the world of work.

Career Advancement for Alumni

Alumni can support each other with networks and contacts to contribute to successful career trajectories.

Social Capital

Alumni are at the core of the identity of an institution. They contribute largely to institutional reputation through how graduates are in the real world.

Financial Capital

Alumni help sustain institutions through donations and volunteerism. Research shows that Alumni want to give back to their former schools (Future First 2014)

Governance Capital

Alumni presence in schools has been a strategy used to improve governance (Future First Global 2009). Alumni can provide strategic leadership

Alumni engagement in their former schools equals civic engagement in schools which enriches institutions, enhances accountability, transparency and fosters dialogue on managing institutions”

Former CS of Education Dr. Matiangi.

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We are on a mission to unleash the potential of Alumni as a resource for Students, School, and Societies to thrive.

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