While a culture of Alumni community building exists in Kenya, practice is sporadic and professional support is virtually non-existent. Alumni Communities therefore exist as loose social networks rather than purpose-driven groups that can be mobilised to support young Kenyans through the school to work transition, provide social and governance capital to public schools and better advancement for alumni. We wish to change that by bringing the Alumni model to every school in Kenya.

Our ambitions have been informed by engagement with the Ministry of Education, school leaders, Alumni, Alumni networks, students and most importantly, our national poll found that 78% of adults across Kenya would be willing to give back to their old school if asked, but less than 1% had done so. This data is far more encouraging than the comparative data from a research study by Future First Global that analysed the current practice and potential for alumni networks across nine countries. The research showed a consistent pattern; people want to give back to their old educational institutions however a small percentage were doing so. 52 % of adults polled said they would be willing to give back to their old school, but only 2% had done so.

This data and every other data set we have collected over the years suggest a ripe environment for mass scale Alumni activity. In addition to the data, we have tested the model, consulted with students, schools, government, and alumni community leaders and come up with a plan we feel has a real chance of success.

Future First Kenya was started on the back of this research in 2013. Our mission is to unleash the potential of Alumni as a resource for students, schools and societies to thrive. We seek to provide an infrastructure to support the growth of vibrant alumni.

We specialise in the convening of alumni by hosting an annual Alumni conference to provide thought leadership on Alumni engagement. Our Alumni engagement leadership programme  seeks to provide strong local Alumni leadership and build a community of practice. In addition to the convening role, we also champion the Back to School Campaign to mobilise Kenyans to reconnect and give Back to their former Schools.