We believe that any school, anywhere, should be making the most out of their alumni. Former students can have a transformational impact on the learning experience of students, and their ability to make a smooth transition from education into employment. The Association of Alumni Communities in Kenya is an umbrella body for all alumni communities in Kenya.

Key Facts: 

  1. Launched by the Cabinet Secretary of Education Dr. Fred Matiangi on 29th May 2017
  2. A membership organization for all alumni networks in Kenya
  3. Each member alumni community is represented by an official of that community
  4. Supports its members to build stronger networks by providing relevant training and resources
  5. Supported and incubated by Future First Kenya

Membership Benefits

  • 01


    Through the Alumni Leadership Programme - a six modules training on how to build thriving alumni networks
  • 02


    Sharing of ideas on alumni work a platform and community of alumni professional
  • 03


    Access to annual alumni conference: Brings together alumni leaders to learn and exchange ideas on alumni engagement
  • 04


    Support during the back to school week
  • 05


    Information on how to register, grow and manage alumni networks
  • 06


    Access to informative newsletters
  • 07


    Celebrating member achievements