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The goal of the fund is to leverage the culture of community financing of schools.

A major feature of the Kenyan Educational system has been community financing (Kilemi Mwiria, 1990) through the call for Harambee (which means let us pull together.) This call for Harambee has been a Kenyan tradition to mobilize former students to support their former schools.

Our initial baseline survey indicated that 51% of Kenyans would be willing to donate 2000 to 20,000 Kenya shillings to their alma mater. The 2017 World Generosity Index ranked Kenya as the third most generous nation in the world.

To leverage this giving back culture this fund seeks to support the management of alumni funds where they exist and set up new ones. We hope to establish an alumni fund to match alumni contribution and attract increased and more sustainable community financing to schools.

Membership Benefits

  • 01


    Through the Alumni Leadership Programme - a six modules training on how to build thriving alumni networks
  • 02


    Sharing of ideas on alumni work a platform and community of alumni professional
  • 03


    Access to annual alumni conference: Brings together alumni leaders to learn and exchange ideas on alumni engagement
  • 04


    Support during the back to school week
  • 05


    Information on how to register, grow and manage alumni networks
  • 06


    Access to informative newsletters
  • 07


    Celebrating member achievements