Future First Kenya was started off the back of a global research study by Future First Global. The study analyzed the current practice and potential for alumni networks across 9 countries. The research showed a consistent pattern: people want to give back to their old educational institutions but a very small percentage were doing so. 52 % of adults polled said they would be willing to give back to their old school and only 2% had done so.


In Kenya, a national poll indicated that 78% of adults across Kenya would be willing to give back to their old school if asked but less than 1 % had done so.


Future First Kenya has been operating since 2013. The first two years were spent on research and testing out a couple of programs. Our experience and research shows that alumni are a vast, and largely untapped resource for institutional and career advancement. Alumni can be mobilized to support current students and inject financial and social capital in education institutions. Alumni networks themselves provide professional networking platforms for career progression.

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